Current Turnaround: 3 Weeks
Current Turnaround: 3 Weeks
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The Bee Hive

The story of the Bee Hive............ 

After taking over the dinning room of my house for far too long my Mumma finally gave in and let me move into the garage.

Our garage was a typical garage; a dumping ground and mid way point between not being allowed in the house but not quite ready for the bin.

It took my darling Pops many months but finally in March 2018 I moved into the garage.

I never would have dreamed that it would have turned out as good as it is (not that I doubted my Pops skills).

Months of creative bliss went by and no name had stuck, we tried the workshop, glitter factory but I couldn't shake off 'the garage'.

Then one day, rather surprisingly, my little brother stuck his head round the door and said 'are you spending the rest of the night in the Bee Hive?'

and just like that the Bee Hive was born and the garage was no more!