About Us

a woman smiling for the camera

Oh Hi!

My name is Beckie, Bee, Beak, Bec.

Things I Love;

All Things Bee Related. Sunsets. Comfy Dressing Gowns. Tattoos. Clothing With Pockets. Heels. Plaits. Vanilla Scented Everything. Girlie Holidays. Brunch. Binging On TV Series. Culottes. Snapchat Filters. Pool Parties. My French Bulldog. Bubble Baths. Cocktails. Carmex. Honeycomb. Seafood. Jamesons. Ted Baker. Jean Paul Gaultier. Customer Photos. The Theater. Swimwear. Jumpsuits. <3


 a dog sitting on a table

This Little Piggy

Burney. Piggy. Little Bear. Burns. The Goodest Boy.

Things He Loves;

Butt Scratches. Strokes. Treats. Tennis Balls. Rope Toys. Treats. Comfy Beds. The Humans Bed. Paddling Pools. Treats. Long Grass. Cuddles. The Beach. Cool Mats. His Dressing Gown. Sleeping. Treats. Sand. Swimming. Sun Bathing.